What is unchat.cat?

unchat.cat means: a cat dot cat. Incidentally "un chat" is also "a chat" in Catalan.

The name comes to be out of the will to setup a semi-public chat service based on Matrix.

It is now evolving in to a part of the MIXETESS; a very cute project that starts taking form.

Which services are there/are in the making?

To users

Under unchat.cat

Own domain

  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting

To the general public


Codenames is a great social boardgame. However in COVID-19 times, beceause of confinement and physical distancing it is difficult to play together...

Entertain yourselves playing safely in family!

Voice chat -- Mumble

Over at veu.unchat.cat there is a web client for the mumble server running under the hostname veu.unchat.cat.

Stay in touch and play Codenames easily.


Refracta is a GNU/Linux Operating System, we manage its web and file distribution.

How does unchat.cat work?

This domain is mostly managed by Evilham and the idea is that expenses and work are shared and the users are trusted.

Total expenses

Quick estimation: 516 CHF/year + 180 €/year (TODO: update)

Current state of finances

Currently users support about: 96 €/year

The difference between the total expenses and the supported expenses is currently assumed by Evilham.

If you want to help money-wise, even if you are not a user, get in touch and we'll send you bank details through a secure channel. Let us know if it has to be in Euros (European Economic Area) or US Dollars (US).